Adrian Timms is a British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Swindon (UK) and Vigo (sunny Spain). 

Balanced between delicateness and raging crescendos, he intermingles Indie-Folk and Alt-Pop.

After a few years with just his voice and guitar in the streets and venues around Europe, in 2019 backed up with a line-up of solely acoustic instruments and recording live at a remote calm rural studio, an organic indie-folk live album is brought to life: PART WON

Currently working on his next LP by exploring new sonic territories and taking a road to a modern alternative pop sound in his cutting-edge "One Man Live Looping Show". 

Nearly 2 years ago when the war broke loose I found myself in a constant down state for a few days. I kept on writing and building over the piano and seaboard loop after feeling: at first denial; then that it would be the end of the world; that history was just stuck on repeat; that I wouldn’t want to fight for anything if it happened to me; doom scrolling between adverts; attention seekers just hoping on to it just as any other online trend... All too surreal... It was the first time kids were consuming war as live entertainment on social media. 

Soldiers posting TikTok dance videos right before killing or being killed hit me hard, hence the title.


What's going on!? How evil, bla bla bla then 2 seconds later we are all watching cats on youtube again… 

Are we ever gonna change? Of course not…


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